Simple data on your website visitors & what to do with it

Most small business owners don’t bother with website analytics because the data is confusing and meaningless.

Imagine what you could do with a little bit of help?

  • Spot underperforming pages and rework them

  • Know how popular your blog posts have been

  • See which social channels bring visitors

And much more.

Get more out of your website

When you run your own business you don’t have time for technical setup or confusing data reports. So I’m on a mission to make it easier for business owners to get simple insights from their websites and know how they can take action.


$79 $59 /yr

Early access price

  • Tracking set up on your site

  • Up to 5 tracked events (e.g button click)

  • Weekly data reports by email

  • Access to your data dashboard (example).

  • Actionable tips by email (fortnightly)

  • Access to a library of insight guides


$99 $79 /yr

Early access price

  • Tracking set up on your site

  • Up to 10 tracked events (e.g button click)

  • Weekly data reports by email

  • Access to your data dashboard (example)

  • Actionable tips by email (fortnightly)

  • Access to a library of insight guides (example)

Prices are for one website or landing page, per year. 50% discount available for extra websites.

Limited pre-launch availability

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How it works


One you subscribe, I will set up tracking codes on your website (note: I will need editing access for this).


Weekly data reports will be sent to your email, and you'll get access to the main data dashboard too.


You’ll receive simple tips fortnightly by email, along with access to a small library of insight guides.

What you don’t get

  • No big, confusing reams of data.

  • No data sent to big tech companies.

  • No need for website cookie warnings.

  • No heavy code to slow your website.

See a sample insight guide

Add your email to our mailing list and get a sample insight guide from the library, plus regular product updates and offers.

About me

I’m Mark Bowley, an independent digital designer and consultant in the UK. Find me on twitter @markbowley or at

Questions & notes

What are the ‘events’ I can track?
Part of website analytics are ‘goals’. These are specific actions you want to track, on top of general data (e.g clicks on a specific button).

Do you cover high-traffic websites?
No, this service is aimed at low-traffic websites (less than 1k/mo), so if you think yours is anywhere near that please ask fist.

What tips will I get in the emails?
The fortnightly emails will suggest insights you could be gaining, along with other general website tips to improve visitor traffic.

What do the insight guides cover?
These are designed to help you make sense if the data better and get actionable insights (these are written to be very simple).

What website platforms do you cover?
Currently focussed on Wordpress, Webflow and Carrd websites. Please enquire about other platforms.

The Library

Here you'll find our guides to help you understand basic insights from your website traffic in simple, clear language.

This is a temporary page while we sort out a better, longer term home for these guides.

Library – Part 1

This is the first set of 10 guides we've written. More will be added at a later date.

General information

Below you'll find general information about analytics and this service.

Get access to the library

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  • What are the top pages visited on my website?

  • Who are the top referrers to my website?

  • How many people viewed my latest article?

  • How many visits did my website get this week?

  • How many visitors are on my website right now?

  • How many returning visitors do I get?

  • Are my visitors mostly on their mobile or desktop?

  • Who visited on a particular day, recently?

  • How do I see what pages visitors from one site viewed?

  • How often are visitors clicking my button?

  • Which is the most popular option in my list of links?

  • Are potential customers unsure about buying?

  • Which of my marketing channels drive the most traffic?

  • What country are my visitors from?

  • How long do visitors stay on my website for?

  • Are my visitor numbers trending upwards or downwards?

  • What percentage of my visitors convert into leads?

  • Am I missing out on potential sales?

  • Which pages are underperforming and need reworking?

  • Which social channels bring the most visitors?


  • Subscribe for general updates & news

  • Receive a sample insight guide

Serviced Option

Subscribe to Easy Insights

$99/yr *

  • Fathom set up & managed for you.

  • Save $69/yr vs buying it yourself.

  • Access a library of guides + tips.

* For one website or landing page.
50% discount available for extra websites.

Self-Managed Option

Get the tool only


  • Buy & manage Fathom** yourself.

  • Save $10 with the link below.

  • Access a library of guides + tips.

** Fathom Analytics is the website tracking tool used as part of Easy Insights.

This is for you if

  • You run your own business

  • You're not currently tracking website visitors

Easy Insights includes

  • Tracking set up on your website.

  • Weekly reports by email.

  • Access to live dashboard (example).

  • Track up to 5 target actions too.

  • Access to a growing library of tips and guides.